09 July 2010

Jaci Blue's Grad

The end of June brought a large milestone in my family's life.  My little sister finally graduated high school in June, right on time!  Some super good friends of our family let us all stay at their place, plus hold a big party at their place one night.  Of course I had to make a cake for my sister!  Although the outside was pretty, the inside of the cake was a super surprise!

Annnnnddddd....inside the cakes:

07 July 2010

Modern Bird Studios Guest Giveaway

Every now and then I wander the internet to expand my brain bubble, and get some cool ideas for potential cakes.  Recently, Grosgrain has been one of those places.
Right now they have this sa-weet giveaway going on. Go check it out!

30 June 2010

Grad Cake

This cake was lots of fun to do...as they all are!  When asked to do this cake, I couldn't say no!  How cool is it that this family has the same last name as my nickname (Jello)?! 
Nope, couldn't say no! :)
This was a red velvet cake, with vanilla buttercream icing.  The orange gumpaste flowers and silver 'beading' were made to match the grad dress.

17 June 2010

Simple Blue

This was a fun, quick cake to make.  A co-worker of my aunt's ordered it for me for her daughter's bridal shower.  Her wedding colours are royal blue/white/silver.  From what I have heard, they enjoyed the cake! 
Double layer white cake with buttercream filling and icing.

09 May 2010

A First-Timer

I was so excited about making this wedding cake ever since the happy couple asked me to do it!  Besides the awesome couple I made it for (they are really good friends of mine here in Regina), this cake was a first-timer for me.  4 levels of cake, a fun buttercream icing, plus 3 layers of flowers!  It's the biggest cake I've ever made!  I think it turned out great, and everyone loved it - I got tons of comments after we had the chance to devour it. 
I transported it in 2 layers, and I had another really good friend help me with that. 
Here are the flavours:
Top - Marble with peanut butter filling
Second - Lemon with lemon curd filling
Third - Chocolate with chocolate mousse filling
Bottom - White with strawberry filling

Congrats to the happy couple!

The cake as a whole

The beautiful flowers I got to work with!

01 May 2010

Ok, I lied.

I couldn't really wait to post the final project for this cake.  I know the bride and groom are at the hall now (or should be!!).  And just for the record, this bride and groom were pretty kick-bum!  SUCH a fun couple!
So...I like the cake, and I hope you guys like it, too!

The finished product. 

Up-close of the gold swirls.

Sneak Peak...kind of

Here's a little bit of a look at the cake I'm working on for a wedding reception this evening.  I have a lot of piping to do with this cake, so I decided to give my hands a break with this!  So far I have one side of the cake completely done.  All it took was 1 1/2 hours! Ha!
I'll post the final product tomorrow sometime - I don't want the bride to see the it all done before the big party!

Here's a look at my 'work station'.

Coffee and cake!  Need anything more??

And while I work, my puppy is here...

...or here!

18 March 2010

Noah's Ark

This is probably one of the most fun cakes I've made yet.  This was for a friend's baby shower - pre-baby.  (The couple now have a cute baby boy!)  My mom actually helped me a TON with making the boards for all over the cake.  Each board was actually made individually.  Although this cake looks great, there are a few things I will do differently to make it better next time.  All of the animals were fun to make, and yes, I know the turtles are missing eyes.  I didn't forget; time was tight since I made this cake in the Hat and had to drive the cake 4 hours to the shower!  When I got to the shower, the hostess had decorated in a Noah's Ark theme!  Funny, because we had never discussed a theme for the party.  My cake matched the decorations perfectly! :)
This was layered white and red velvet cake with buttercream icing everywhere else.  Of course it was topped off with fondant! 

All done!


Lions, Monkeys, and Pandas

Elephants and blind Turtles

21 February 2010

Surprise Carrot Cake

This is a cake that I made for the people who I did my first wedding cake for.  For the wedding cake, the groom's only request was that there was a layer of carrot cake...which he never ended up getting a piece of.  The bride (though they have been married over a year now) asked for this cake for a surprise for her husband.  I thought it was a great idea!  This was the same carrot cake, with the same icing, and the same ribbon from their wedding.  I just added some of the mini fondant roses to it.  I heard it was quite yummy!

26 January 2010

For you Trekkies...

I got this cake order for the beginning of January.  I'm not a Star Trek person, but was still looking forward to doing this cake.  (mostly because it was an easier design!! ha!)  It was for a 30th birthday, and was all an all white cake, with yummy buttercream.  You can't tell in the picture, but there is a shine to the cake from the edible silver lustre dust I used all over it.