17 November 2009

First Attempts

This first 'official' cake post will show you where I started. These pictures are from my first attempts two years ago. For those of you who have seen my recent work, I've come a looooong way! BUT! I still have a looooong way to go!

The Spiderman cake I made for my boss's son's birthday.

The Guitar Hero cake I made for a friend's birthday.

Just a practise cake! I took this one to bible study with me.

13 November 2009

New road...and I crazy?

I've been thinking a lot and I think I really do want to try to start a cake business. Crazy? Maybe. It makes me nervous. I really don't like the word 'business' though. If you have suggestions for a name for this 'business' let me know! I want something new, fun, and original. Give me your ideas. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I can get this blog changed over to mostly cake stuff!