09 May 2010

A First-Timer

I was so excited about making this wedding cake ever since the happy couple asked me to do it!  Besides the awesome couple I made it for (they are really good friends of mine here in Regina), this cake was a first-timer for me.  4 levels of cake, a fun buttercream icing, plus 3 layers of flowers!  It's the biggest cake I've ever made!  I think it turned out great, and everyone loved it - I got tons of comments after we had the chance to devour it. 
I transported it in 2 layers, and I had another really good friend help me with that. 
Here are the flavours:
Top - Marble with peanut butter filling
Second - Lemon with lemon curd filling
Third - Chocolate with chocolate mousse filling
Bottom - White with strawberry filling

Congrats to the happy couple!

The cake as a whole

The beautiful flowers I got to work with!

01 May 2010

Ok, I lied.

I couldn't really wait to post the final project for this cake.  I know the bride and groom are at the hall now (or should be!!).  And just for the record, this bride and groom were pretty kick-bum!  SUCH a fun couple!
So...I like the cake, and I hope you guys like it, too!

The finished product. 

Up-close of the gold swirls.

Sneak Peak...kind of

Here's a little bit of a look at the cake I'm working on for a wedding reception this evening.  I have a lot of piping to do with this cake, so I decided to give my hands a break with this!  So far I have one side of the cake completely done.  All it took was 1 1/2 hours! Ha!
I'll post the final product tomorrow sometime - I don't want the bride to see the it all done before the big party!

Here's a look at my 'work station'.

Coffee and cake!  Need anything more??

And while I work, my puppy is here...

...or here!