30 December 2009


Here's the birthday cake I made for a co-worker's niece who was turning 2.  I was told the little girl really enjoyed it!  I had found a picture of another Tinkerbell cake, which I kind of based this cake off of.  I find I'm always looking at pictures of other cakes for ideas!
Double layer white

23 December 2009

Another Christmas Cake

Here's one of two cakes I made this past weekend.  It's a cute cake I made for my bible study Christmas party.  It was a marble cake and tasted pretty yummy.  I believe the leftovers made it to a business down the road from the farm.  I'm sure all the guys there finished it off.  The second cake from last weekend will get up after Christmas!

Finished Cake!

15 December 2009

Purple Wedding

This one was a wedding cake for good friends back at home.  I really like how this one turned out.  :)  Sometimes it still amazes me how heavy exactly cakes can get once you're all done with them!
I believe this is how the flavours went:
Top layer: White Cake
Middle layer: Red Velvet
Bottom layer: Chocolate

12 December 2009

Practise Cake

This cake I made for my cousin to take to work with him.  One of his coworkers was leaving, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to practise another cake!  Even though this was a recent cake, I can't remember what kind it was.  Probably chocolate.  When in doubt - chocolate!

09 December 2009

There's always next year!

I think this cake pretty much knocks the rest of my cakes out of the park right now.  However, I do say this as I am sitting here wearing my Rider bunnyhug :)  I may have a slightly biased opinion about this cake!
This cake I made for my cousin and his cool new wife.  It was lots of fun to make!  It's a single layer chocolate cake, with buttercream icing, and fondant on top.  I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed it!
Go Riders!  We still love you!

08 December 2009

Christmas Cake

Here's my first Christmas cake! :)  My coworkers got to enjoy this one.  I really enjoyed making this one - the snowmen turned out really well!  They're super cute!
This one was a double layer with chocolate ganache in the middle.  mmmmm...

07 December 2009

Sneak Peak

Here's a sneak peak at the cake I did for my work Christmas party.  It was a double layer chocolate cake, covered with buttercream (then fondant), and with chocolate ganache in the middle. 
I think everyone like it!  Cake pictures tomorrow!



All put together!

05 December 2009

Second try

Here is the second wedding cake I did.  This couple are friends of the couple from my post yesterday.  They saw my cake in December and wanted something similar.  So that's what they got.  I had issues with the top layer, but I know why.  Let's just say I'm still working on mastering my white cake :)
Top layer: white
Middle layer: carrot with pineapple
Bottom layer: chocolate
Everything covered with buttercream.  It's my fav.

As you can see, I don't have a wide range of cake flavours.  I'm working on that.  If you have any good recipes for me to try out, let me know.  Even if I don't have lots of cake flavours, filling flavours would be really fun to play with.

04 December 2009

First Wedding Cake

Some cool friends of mine gave me the chance to make my first wedding cake last December.  They were pretty easy going about it (thank goodness!!), and really liked the end product.  It was all covered in buttercream, with buttercream between layers as well.  The couple provided the ribbon and flowers.  After this cake, I discovered that my car isn't always the best mode of transportation for cakes like this! :)
Now, if I remember correctly:
Top layer - white cake
Middle layer - chocolate cake
Bottom layer - carrot cake with pineapple

02 December 2009

First fondant experience worth sharing

This was my second time trying out fondant.  My first time wasn't the best thing ever, so I'm not showing that picture! :)  I'm pretty sure I made this cake for my aunt to take to work with her.  Any time I send a cake to work with her, there's nothing left of it!

17 November 2009

First Attempts

This first 'official' cake post will show you where I started. These pictures are from my first attempts two years ago. For those of you who have seen my recent work, I've come a looooong way! BUT! I still have a looooong way to go!

The Spiderman cake I made for my boss's son's birthday.

The Guitar Hero cake I made for a friend's birthday.

Just a practise cake! I took this one to bible study with me.

13 November 2009

New road...and I crazy?

I've been thinking a lot and I think I really do want to try to start a cake business. Crazy? Maybe. It makes me nervous. I really don't like the word 'business' though. If you have suggestions for a name for this 'business' let me know! I want something new, fun, and original. Give me your ideas. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I can get this blog changed over to mostly cake stuff!