18 March 2010

Noah's Ark

This is probably one of the most fun cakes I've made yet.  This was for a friend's baby shower - pre-baby.  (The couple now have a cute baby boy!)  My mom actually helped me a TON with making the boards for all over the cake.  Each board was actually made individually.  Although this cake looks great, there are a few things I will do differently to make it better next time.  All of the animals were fun to make, and yes, I know the turtles are missing eyes.  I didn't forget; time was tight since I made this cake in the Hat and had to drive the cake 4 hours to the shower!  When I got to the shower, the hostess had decorated in a Noah's Ark theme!  Funny, because we had never discussed a theme for the party.  My cake matched the decorations perfectly! :)
This was layered white and red velvet cake with buttercream icing everywhere else.  Of course it was topped off with fondant! 

All done!


Lions, Monkeys, and Pandas

Elephants and blind Turtles

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